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Mlk Crk Sheba 043Registration #: 726564  |  View Pedigree Info
When we were afforded the opportunity to purchase 043 at Milk Creek’s Fall Female Sale in 2011, we just couldn’t pass it up. She is a moderate framed, full bodied, matron that has proven herself by producing two national seedstock herd sires. Of course, one of them is our very own Mlk Crk Express 9127 and the other is Mlk Crk Knight 7153, owned by Heart River Ranch and Diamond B Red Angus. 043 has a gentle disposition and moves about with great fluidity and correctness. She is wide based with a long body and an ocean of depth and dimension. Yep, there’s a little tip to her udder, but her teat size is perfect and for a 12 year old cow still producing the way she is, we’ll probably forgive her given that her udder quality was just fine in her younger years. Once she calves this February, we intend to flush her and may make some of those eggs available. Mlk Crk Sheba 043 is owned by Birnie Red Angus and Sandbur Ridge Red Angus.

Registration #: 605446  |  View Pedigree Info

871 is an 11 year old cow with a 104.3 MPPA, she displays the depth of body and capacity that we strive for in our cow herd. I would like to level out her udder, however given her production record; she still does more things right than wrong.

Registration #: 709778  |  View Pedigree Info

004 is a 9 year old cow with a 103.2 MPPA, she has been a solid producer and has passed calving ease on to all of her offspring, and 004 has a -4.2 BW EPD. This female has a very soft disposition and has passed that on to all her calves as well.

Registration #: 837651  |  View Pedigree Info

215 is a 7 year old cow with a 106.1 MPPA, she is a grand daughter of the 871 cow. The big volume and easy fleshing characteristics of 215 are passed on to her offspring. She has a nice EPD profile, -1.4 on BW to a 61 on YW, .08 on MARB and .03 on REA.

PVRA Design Lass 515
Registration #: 495978  |  View Pedigree Info

PVRA Design Lass 515 is a 16 year old cow that is structurally very sound and maintains great fleshing ability. During her calf raising years she produced 12 natural calves with a 106 weaning ratio and a 104 yearling ratio, earning her a 105.6 MPPA. 515’s dam was a Rambo 502 daughter that raised 9 calves and earned a 103.9 MPPA. 515 is now a major component of our embryo program.

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