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Sandbur Ridge Red Angus
Ross & Dani Knott • Petersburg, NE
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Sires for Bulls in 2015 Sale

5L Legend 425V
Registration number: 1261711
Pedigree Info
Dark red, moderate framed and wide based. Produces useful and attractive females.

Milk Creek Express 9127
Registration number: 1309400
Pedigree Info

Sires low to moderate birth weight cattle that are thick, deep bodied and easy fleshing with quiet dispositions.
Semen Available: Please call Paul Birnie at (308) 870-3133.
5L Red Edge 743-30V
Registration number: 1261106
Pedigree Info

5L Blazin Red 1354-6166
Registration number: 1115981
Pedigree Info
5L Blazin Red 1354-6166 is another big volume sire. 6166 was a bull that I tried to purchase as a yearling; we have used him AI and have been very pleased with the results. Moderate frame, big spring of rib and lots of capacity describe the offspring 6166 has given our program.

Red Crowfoot 8081U
Registration number: 1525818
Pedigree Info

Ridge Troubadour 0014
Registration number: 1379118
Pedigree Info
Females are easy fleshing, long and deep with perfect udders. Unmatched productive longevity in his pedigree. Semen Available: Please call Paul Birnie at (308) 870-3133.

5L Riptide 85X
Registration number: 1379624
Pedigree Info

5L Zodiac 1134-372Z
Registration number: 1549920
Pedigree Info

5L Zues 2777-125Z
Registration number: 1549102
Pedigree Info

Ridge Julian S005-0099
Registration number: 1379061
Pedigree Info

Ridge Thunderbird 0003
Registration number: 1379121
Pedigree Info

5L Little Joe 226Y
Registration number: 1449870
Pedigree Info
Unbelievable shape and muscle with tremendous carcass quality.

5L Blazin Saddles 127Y
Registration number: 1449799
Pedigree Info

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