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Cooksley Red Angus
Ben & Jilleen Cooksley • Anselmo, NE
Cell: 308 872-1007
Home: 308 749-0419

Cooksley Red Angus was started in 1989 by Stuart & Cynthia Cooksley with the purchase of 40 heifers from Jerry Teahon and a Coppertop Chief 301 son from Ole Redland. The goal of this purchase was and still is today to produce quality sandhills adapted red angus bulls for our commercial herd.

Today the herd is managed by Ben and Seth at the Box A Ranch by Anselmo. The focus of our breeding program is to select for:

  • Disposition
  • Fertility
  • Low Maintence
  • Eye Appeal
  • Good Growth

The Cows calve in July and August right after our commercial cows are done. They winter those calves through the winter on minimum inputs.

Our large commercial herd allows us to use 50-60 of our own bulls per year. This unique ability to test new genetics before they are offered for sale is an asset. Most major herd sires will have two groups of bulls used by us before they are offered for sale. That puts us behind in marketing hot new bloodlines, but in the long run help us and the customer be fairly sure of what they are buying.

We are honored to be included in the Sandhills Red Select group. In the sandhills where we live and work everyday to be known as �Raising the Ranchers Kind� is a complement and responsibility that should not be taken lightly.

Two things that I never tire of talking about are red angus cattle and goose hunting. If you�re ever in the neighborhood stop by and get the 10 cent tour.

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