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Birnie Red Angus
Paul & Milissa Birnie • Broken Bow, NE
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Donor Cows

Ridge Casey 863-004
Registration number: 709778
Pedigree Info
Photo taken at age 15. The Casey cow family exhibits the essence of productive longevity in beef production. They have perfect udders and a history of fertility and reproduction. 11 natural calves before entering Sandbur Ridge’s donor program.

Ridge Casey F7-863
Registration number: 605447
Pedigree Info
Dam to 863-004. Take the time to investigate the longevity in this cow family. Productive longevity personified. 14 natural calves.

Mlk Crk Sheba 043
Registration number: 726564
Pedigree Info
Dam to Mlk Crk Express 9127. Produced 10 natural calves before entering our donor program. Embryos available. Call for list and pricing.

Mlk Crk Sheba 403
Registration number: 987012
Pedigree Info
Dam to Mlk Crk Epic 8171 leased to Select Sires. Still in production and just had her 10th natural calf. She will join our donor program.

Mlk Crk Lakina 523
Registration number: 1028503
Pedigree Info
Entered Milk Creek’s donor program after producing a 110.60 MPPA on her first 7 calves.

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